Leadership Coach, Mentor, CEO – Teleios Partners

Executive Coach. Facilitator. Mentor. For High Potential Executives & Leaders

Rob is an experienced business leader/coach, commercialization strategist and change agent. He has a proven and long track record for strategic thinking, operational excellence, leadership and team development. Rob has a successful corporate career spanning several leading global pharmaceutical companies and small, entrepreneurial firms in Australasia, Asia and the US.

As a leadership coach and strategic consultant, Rob brings over 35 years of global and local business experience to his coaching practice. Rob’s passion and focus is to help individuals and teams achieve long-lasting, positive behavioural change, and actionable strategic breakthroughs, that deliver measurable, transformational business and organizational performance results.

Unlike many coaches today, Rob has been personally coached by some of the leading coaches and mentors. These wonderful professionals have helped Rob and his teams make major changes during several key transitional periods of challenge in their professional careers. It has also given him some unique insights and an appreciation of the power of coaching and some of the most effective tools and approaches to professional transformation.

Rob has also led a number of transformational leadership and talent management initiatives in Asia. These have involved cross functional and cross cultural teams within complex matrix organizations. These initiatives have delivered sustainable, proven business results within this politically, economically, geographically and culturally diverse and challenging region.

With this background, Rob has an unusual appreciation of the personal and professional challenges and powerful benefits of mindful, positively focused coaching. As a consequence, Rob brings some rare client based insights and skills to the coaching and consulting engagement. In his spare time, Rob tutors MBA student in leadership, change management and international business strategy at a private business school in Sydney.

Professional Development

Bachelor of Science – Medical Microbiology, University of NSW, Australia

Marketing Management – Astra Australia, MSD

Neuro Linguistic Programming –School of NLP, Auckland

Global Commercialization – Astra (Global Marketing Teams); Merck (World Wide Business Strategy Teams),

Leadership & Strategy -IMD/Astra Executive Development Residential

Leadership, Strategy & Change Management – Harvard/ Merck Top Leadership Residential

Marketing Excellence – Merck & Co, Australasia, Japan, and Canada. The MONITOR Group methodology

Organizational Coaching – Institute of Executive Coaching & Leadership, Sydney



Rob lives in Ultimo with his wife, walking distance to Sydney’s CBD area and Sydney University. His interests include health and fitness, the martial arts, Zen meditation, business strategy and innovation, integral and systems theory, good food,  wine, and travel.

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